Fastest farming guide to make $40000 in 1 minutes or less in Infested Planet

This is the simplest and quickest guide to make $40000 per minute. Use this 3 step method to make it rain over and over again.

  1. Build engineering building
  2. Send troops to ammo crate
  3. Deploy mines next to hive

First thing to build is the engineering building to unlock the remote building ability.

Send your whole squad towards the nearest nest using attack move and upgrade 1 of the troop to a sniper and send it towards the ammo crate by using the attack move command.

Let the sniper snipe from a distance and move at the same time towards the ammo crate. Position it properly to replenish ammo automatically to maximise efficiency.

As the sniper is moving towards the ammo crate, deploy 1 mine cluster between the hive mind and its spawnable barricade preferably on the south of the hive mind. The south side of the hive mind is easier to defend and harder to get surrounded by the constant enemy waves.

Once it reaches the ammo crate, use the air drop marines ability and drop it right above the mine cluster to guard the marines againts melee enemies or range enemies that got too close.

Now is the easiest part of the minute, just keep sending more air drop troops use the ammo and ammo crate. And the troops will automatically damage the hive mind and defend againts any enemy attack. Sit back and enjoy as the hive mind gets destroyed and get yourself the $40000 in 1 minute or less.

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