Infested Planet | Foundations | Expert Speedrun | World Record

This is the guide for beating the Foundations in record timing.

This map is performed in the following conditions:

Difficulty Expert
All Research Completed
All Buff Enabled
All Mercenaries Enabled
All DLC Enabled
Rewards: $3000

You begin with building 1 turret in the circle, then quickly move to the southwest hive.

Clear the enemy turrets first to prevent damage to your own troops which saves time on healing.

Move your squad to take over the hive and send 2 troops to the yellow ammo crate.

Start sending in Airdrop to the south hives and position your squad closer to the south hives so you can start attacking once the airdrop is firing as well.

Move your squads over to the downed hives and 3 troops to the yellow ammo crate.

Send more airdrops to the southeastern and eastern hives and take it over.

Once done move back to the starting area, and reduce your squad size.
by now there should be 3 purple crates airdrop next to your base, bring those back to the base.

Deploy the turrets to the circle area and then move your squad to the 4 ammo crates next to the base.
By now the final wave of enemy spawn will show up at the northwest part of the map
Again, deploy the airdrop close to the enemy spawn and watch the game end.

I will update this blog again when I have made improvements to the timings.

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