Infested Planet | Sudden Strike | Expert Speedrun | World Record

The speedrun conditions are written below

Difficulty: Expert
All Research Completed
All Buff Enabled
All Mercenaries Enabled
All DLC Enabled
Rewards: $5000 + Bonus

This is the very first mission where no bases will be captured. Just go straight for the bases and shoot the hives.

Watch the video to find out where is the fastest route to clear this map.

Start with the sniper taking down the purple turrets before moving too close to the base. It helps to keep the troop’s health at a high level and not wasting time on healing the troops.

Practice using micros to control the Minigunners and Flamethrowers at the hive. This combination of Flamethrower and Minigunners are the quickest way to shoot down hives with barriers at later levels.

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