Infested Planet | Warpath | Expert Speedrun | World Record

First attempt to set a world record speedrun on Infested Planet Mission 2: Warpath completing in 39 seconds.

Speedrun Infested Planet Warpath (0:39) Conditions:
Difficulty Expert
All Research Completed
All Buff Enabled
All Mercenaries Enabled
All DLC Enabled
Rewards: $7000

In this video, there are 4 bases to capture and it is relatively straight forward.

Basically, just move the troops eastwards and keep using the attack move command to clear the enemy aliens easily, hold the bases for a moment and move on.

The enemy encountered here is very weak and few in numbers. The only real resistance here is the purple alien turret along the path.

I have deleted the scout upgrade because of the minimum threat posed by the enemy aliens and used it as a basic rifleman.

I will update this blog and post a new video when I have made improvements to the timing.

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