List of Infested Planet Guide

Speedrun Guide 

This is the list of the missions of Infested Planet Expert Speedrun guide in order of the campaign. 

All speedrun uses these conditions: 

Difficulty: Expert 
All Research Completed 
All Buff Enabled 
All Mercenaries Enabled 
All DLC Enabled 

1.) Opening Gambits 
2.) Warpath 
3.) Arsenal
4.) Foundations 
5.) Blitzkrieg 
6.) Crow’s Neck 
7.) Sudden Strike
8.) Science Station 
9.) Contact
10.) Night And Day 
11.) Preparations 
12.) The Return 
13.) Memento 
14.) Anabasis 
15.) Tension 
16.) Periapsis 
17.) Endgame Have fun setting a new world record with my guide 
Good luck!

This is the list of strategy guide you can use 

1.) Base defense 

2.) Helicopter Strike 

3.) Sniper Team 

4.) Minigun Team 

5.) Base Defense 


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