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Nanoleaf New Product List

Here is a list of new or unreleased Nanoleaf products and the most recently released product.

ProductTypeRelease Date
Nanoleaf LinesHardware2021 October 15th
Nanoleaf Learning ProductsSoftwareTBA
Nanoleaf U-IQSoftwareTBA
Nanoleaf Smart Switch and ButtonHardwareTBA
Thread Radio Support For Nanoleaf Shapes and ElementsSoftware2021 August
Razer Chroma Connect Integration With NanoleafSoftware2021 July

Teaser Tralier of Nanoleaf Lines

Nanoleaf Lines Screenshot
Nanoleaf Lines Screenshot

The Nanoleaf Lines was teased at the Nanoleaf Spring Live 2021 on youtube but no concrete information was reveal other than the fact it will be using many of Nanoleaf’s underlying technology.

The CEO Gimmy Chu mentioned that it will be unliked everything that is available in the market and it will be super cool and everyone will be super excited.

Luckily we don’t have to wait any longer and the information will be revealed on 2021 October 15th on the Nanoleaf website.

Nanoleaf Lines Announcement
Nanoleaf Lines Announcement

How To Participate In Future Nanoleaf Products Testing?

There are 2 ways for the public to participate in any new Nanoleaf products testing.

It can either be:

Signing up for either program will automatically let Nanoleaf know that you are interested in participating in their future product testing,

But there is no promise that signing up for either program will guarantee a place for any upcoming product testings.

Where To Find New Nanoleaf Products ?

  • Nanoleaf Research
  • Nanoleaf Inner Circle

New programs are listed on the Nanoleaf research page or emails are sent out to the community members and customers that sign up for an account on the Nanoleaf store.

Nanoleaf has also launched a new Nanoleaf inner circle program to gain more insights and feedback on what the customers want in addition to what is out in the market.

The quickest way to find the latest programs that are running is on the Nanoleaf research page as there will be a list of ongoing and completed projects for both hardware and software.

What’s The Difference Between Nanoleaf Research And Nanoleaf Inner Circle Program?

The main difference is signing up for the Nanoleaf Research lets you pick which program to participate in while the inner circle program is customized based on the information you’ve submitted on the form during the initial signup process.

Nanoleaf Research Page Software Beta Research
Nanoleaf Research Page Software Beta Research

Nanoleaf Research Page Hardware Beta Research
Nanoleaf Research Page Hardware Beta Research

Signing up for the inner circle lets Nanoleaf know what types of product you are interested in and let them recommend you to the right product.

And it is also a good way to find out which Nanoleaf product is not getting restock by finding out which is getting more updates.

What’s The Benefit Of Joining The Nanoleaf Research or Inner Circle program?

By participating in any of the programs you could earn Nanoleaf Perks points for your contributions and they are redeemable on the Nanoleaf store for some discounts or you can check out what is the steepest discounts among the Nanoleaf sales.

Other than winning some points for participating you get to experience the latest products in their infancy and get to have a say during the product development.

Which could be fun for some of us that like to participate in such activities.

So what do you think of the Nanoleaf programs?

Would you join any of the programs for fun?

Leave your thoughts below

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