Nanoleaf Sales, Deals and Giveaway

Are you looking for the best Nanoleaf deals? Check out some of the best places to look for deals for Nanoleaf products.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales

Table of Discount code for Nanoleaf Black Friday Cyber Monday Sales

There are officially 3 discount codes release for the Black Friday Cyber Mondays sales

  • 30% code: NanoBFCM30
  • 25% code: NanoBFCM25
  • 20% code: NanoBFCM20

The codes are product and region specific. And the discount codes do not stack on other discount codes. However, you can try and stack it, but I doubt it works as I’ve already tried stacking discount codes.

A 10% discount is applied automatically throughout the store and on all products. Using a discount code greater than that will invalidate it and only the highest discount will be applied.

The 30% code, NanoBFCM30 is only applicable in the US and Canada region for the Nanoleaf Canvas smarter kit only.

The 25% code, NanoBFCM25 is applicable in all countries and regions for the Nanoleaf Rhythm Light Panels smarter kit, except for Australia and New Zealand.

The 20% code, NanoBFCM20 is applicable in all Australia and New Zealand for the Nanoleaf Rhythm and Canvas smarter kit.

If you are confused by the difference in product or region specific discount codes, look at the table to learn which region uses which discount codes.

Year End Sales Seasons

In December, the best place for discounts is BestBuy. It usually has lots of bulk discounts for Nanoleaf light panels.

Screenshot of Nanoleaf Canvas On sales at Bestbuy
Screenshot of Nanoleaf Canvas On sales at Bestbuy
Screenshot of Nanoleaf Rhythm Light Panels On sales at Bestbuy
Screenshot of Nanoleaf Rhythm Light Panels On sales at Bestbuy
Screenshot of Nanoleaf Rhythm Light Panels On sales at Bestbuy

Tip: One interesting thing to take note of is that the latest Nanoleaf Shapes Triangle was spotted at a BestBuy store about 2 to 3 weeks before the official release on the Nanoleaf website.

If you want to get the latest Nanoleaf products before anyone else, be sure to check out the nearest BestBuy in your area if they have stocks of any new unreleased products.

Take note that the BestBuy online store may not always have the latest unreleased product as this is a localized event and it does not apply throughout the region you are located in.

Flash Deals and Sales on Nanoleaf

Many of you may not know this, but there are frequent flash deals and sales during non-holiday seasons on the official Nanoleaf shop. You can find them here.

Flash deals are usually not announced, and could only be found on the official site

They are also country-specific and the same promotions does not apply across different regions.

The deals do not allow discount code stacking or deal stacking. Only the specific code or offer that has the highest discount is applied on the checkout page.

Bundle Sales for Light Panels(WIP)

Be sure to check out the bundle packs at the end of each page. It has easily the best offer you can find on Nanoleaf excluding the year end sales.

Free remote, free stuff, high bundles discounts (17% for canvas), this has to be the best deals of all time when it is not having any sales

Nanoleaf Referral Points

Do you have friends or a large number of followers on your social media?

Referrals Points System on

Consider sharing your referral link to your network of friends and followers, because they will get a $10 coupon code and you could earn 2000 points when they make a purchase using your link.

Take note that the reward system is country and region locked.

A good example is if person A from the USA refers to person B in Australia. These 2 people will not receive the coupon code and points. Consider contacting Nanoleaf support and maybe they could help to transfer the data.

Nanoleaf Reward Points

Did you know that Nanoleaf is offering reward points for buying their products?

The points area easy to earn and easy to redeem. It can be redeem for discount coupons for your next big purchase.

Each time you have bought a Nanoleaf product from retail, you have to submit the proof of purchase to the contact us page.

Note: The points earned are region and country-specific, it does not apply beyond the region.

How many points can you earn from each purchase?

Retailer5 Times Points
Nanoleaf Store10 Times Points
Points earn from Nanoleaf Store vs Retailer

Purchases from retailers will earn 5 points per dollar spent. And Purchase on Nanoleaf shop will earn 10 points per dollar spent.

If you see yourself continuing to buy Nanoleaf lighting products in the future, then take advantage of their official reward system.

Simply earn points for every purchase you’ve made.

How to claim your rewards points if bought from a retailer?

If your Nanoleaf light panels were bought from retailers, you must provide proof of purchase and contact their support and they will process it.

The official announcement can be found here.

Other ways to earn points

Large Scale Nanoleaf Project(More than 60 Light Panels)

Large Scale Nanoleaf Project(More than 60 Light Panels)

How To Get Free Nanoleafs on Twitch or discount codes(WIP)

Each week Nanoleaf will host a giveaway on Twitch(@nanoleafofficial) to a random streamer or subscriber. Announcements are made about 10 to 15 minutes before the Twitch stream starts on their Instagram Stories and Twitter post every Wednesday around 3 pm Toronto, Canada, Eastern Standard Time (GMT -5).

How does the Twitch streamer giveaway works?

In every stream, there will be a Q&A(Question and Answer) at the start and end of each stream to answer the communities’ questions. After answering the first round of community questions, the host (usually Nanogirl) will start picking random streamers based on game categories.

Please note that Nanoleaf will not accept any account recommendation to keep the giveaway fair to every streamer on Twitch. Anyone that spams the in-stream chat with account names will be banned probably permanently.

The rules of the Nanoleaf twitch streamer giveaway is pretty straight forward.

  1. Nanoleaf official goes to random live streamer’s room
  2. Issue a challenge or a question to the streamer in the chat
  3. Streamer completes the challenge or answers the question successfully
  4. Nanoleaf will hook the streamer up with a set of light panels

The lucky winner of the giveaway will need to contact Nanoleaf by contacting them on their social media to claim their prize. If not, the winner can assume the prize is lost.

And the best social media platform to contact for the prize claim is Twitter and Instagram.

To increase your chances of getting pick for the streamer giveaway, try to use a thumbnail with a clean or clear background to highlight that you need some RGB light panels upgrades for your setup.

RGB Therapy

This tip will help you to stand out among the sea of thumbnails shown on twitch

How does the Twitch chat giveaway works?

If no streamer has been selected, the Nanoleaf host will issue one challenge or ask a trivial question to the in-stream chat. Whoever answers the first will get either a discount code or free merchandise from Nanoleaf.

Types of discount code or free merchandise ?

The free merchandise are usually the Nanoleaf pillow

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